Monday, February 8, 2010

Thick Leg Asian How Can I Get Nice Legs Filipino Or Asian Grls? Mine Are Skinny!?

How can i get nice legs filipino or asian grls? mine are skinny!? - thick leg asian

I'm 108 pounds. at 5'3.
and I have thin legs.

That does not bother me on my thigh, but my legs are very thin.

Can not I wear a skirt or shorts without the use of a colored pants or tights under them .... because they think otherwise they will look sexy!

What should I eat? o How is the preparation to get thicker legs?

Oh, and how some Filipino and Asian girls get fat, but nice legs?


Jasmine said...

You are probably on the Fillipino Asian celebrities and girls who are "thick and shapely legs" because all Fillipino / girls great legs in Asia

Sandra K said...

Inheritance is involved in the shape of the legs. The Mongolian race in Asia has long muscles in twin calves. Africans have the shorts and the Europeans are among the Asians and Africans. Stallion gastocnemius build a gym. Imagine standing or leaning. You can use small weights and much more. Some people have a friend sitting on his back while doing so. Work by. Ballet often seems to fully develop all the calves and thighs. I have a friend who is a dancer. She is 5'5 ", 106 lbs. And he has great calves. His Japanese friend is also a dancer and has great calves. Eat protein during exercise.

Girl said...

Be proud of what you look like
Try to add the weight of things for the legs in the gym to muscle

x_әɔɐɟ ɹәʞod_x said...

To note the gym.

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